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Davis Downs

Hazelnut Muesli Bites

Hazelnut Muesli Bites

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Our hazelnut muesli bites are the ultimate on-the-go snack with their tantalising crunch, perfect balance of flavours and are the ideal size.

Davis Downs Hazelnuts are grown in our own hazelnut orchard in Southland NZ. All our products are made with love and care. 

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Honey (18%), Oats (Gluten) (16%), Hazelnut Butter (13%), Coconut Oil (11%), Hazelnuts (5%), Dried Fruit (Apricot (Sulphite), Raisin, Dates), Brown Sugar, Puffed Rice, Vanilla Paste, Spices

Contains: Tree Nuts, Gluten, Sulphite

Nutritional Information

Servings per bag: 33 (500g bag)
Serving Size: 15g
Average per serving Average per 100g
Energy 276kJ 1840kJ
Protein 0.9g 6.2g
Fat, Total 3g 20.1g
  - saturated 1.7g 11.2g
Carbohydrate 8.2g 54.9g
  - sugars 4.9g 32.4g
Sodium 16mg 109mg

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Grown in our orchard - Made in our kitchen - Enjoyed in your home